Cancellations/Rescheduling a deep cleaning or carpet cleaning service

If you cancel/reschedule the booked service within 24 hours of our scheduled date you will be
charged a €50 cancellation fee.
Cleaning Time keeps the right to cancel your booking if there are some extraordinary or dangerous
circumstances at your property.

Late Payment

Payment is due at time of service. You can pay for your on-the-spot supervisor by cash or card. If
you can not present at the service you can also pay by phone. There is a €30.00 charge for payments
received more than three days after the date of service.

Changes To Your Quote

Please select your booking carefully. If incorrect options were selected or there are some
extraordinaly circumstances the calculated time of the cleaning may take longer. In that case we will
contact you and let you decide if you wish us to keep working longer.The extra time will be
calculated at our normal hourly rate.

Parking Fees

if there is no available free parking, durring the service, the parking fee will be addet to the final bill

Hot Water/Electricity

Without hot water we may not be able to carry out our service. If you can not provide running hot water at the full booking time ,we will require an
electric tea kettle, but in that case the cleaning may take longer than it was estimated.
If there is no electicity we need to cancel your booking, however, you will be charged a €50 cancellation fee.

Recleaning/Satisfaction guarantee

Before our cleaning professionals leave your house you will need to walkthrough and check all of
the cleaned areas to let the on site supervisor know if there are any issues or missed spots.
We can offer a free reclean service while our team still at your property, however, if you can not be
there at the end of the estimateted finishing time we will automatically assume that you are satisfied
with the outcome service. In that case, we cannot offer a free come back at another time to fix
issues or issue any refunds.

Moving furniture

Our regular or deep cleaning staff can not be asked to move any items more than 10kg.

Wardrobes / Cabinets

If you have added cabinet cleaning to your booking please make sure they are empty.  The estimated time is calculated based on emptied cabinets.